Lack of clarity over image rights causes problems for Samsung

Samsung has recently tripped up over the the complex issue of  image rights with its recent Olympic  facebook app. Unfortunately due to a lack of legal clarity it is unclear if Samsung should or should not have sought prior approval from athletes for the use of their photographs.

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Image Rights for Sports Personalities

Ahead of this years Olympic Games sports personalities should consider how best to manage their image rights.  Potentially, considerable benefits can accrue through the use of an offshore company. The newly proposed Guernsey  Image Rights register , which will be the first in the world, offers a unique way of managing an individuals image rights. Utilising a pre existing trust structure also helps to manage the costs associated with establishing the image rights company

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Footballers & Image Rights

Footballers and Clubs have been having problems with HMRC over payments for ‘image rights’ . HMRC have been claiming that some of these payments should be viewed as the players ‘income’. To help create clarity and to maximise the tax benefits of a trust , the newly proposed Guernsey Image Rights register will be of significant benefit to footballers, their agents and clubs.

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